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Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron | Natural flavor Saffron ( 1 Gm )

Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron | Natural flavor Saffron ( 1 Gm )

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Guchhi Saffron

In case of ‘ Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron’ the dried stigmas are joined together in a bundle tied with a cloth thread. Guchhi Saffron is unprocessed and has less nutritive value. It is more flavorful.

High-quality Kashmiri saffron is provided by Kabeela Living. As a spice, Kashmiri saffron is well-renowned all over the globe. It improves health and is utilized in both cosmetics and medicine. It has been linked to conventional Kashmiri cuisine and stands for the region’s rich cultural heritage. Kashmir saffron is distinguished by its longer and thicker stigmas, deep natural color, strong aroma, and chemical-free processing.

Saffron comes in many forms, primarily Gucchi and Mongra.

Introducing the Original Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron: the Original Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron! Saffron of the highest caliber has been brought to you by Kabeela Living directly from Kashmir’s captivating valleys. Known for its natural flavor, this 1Gm pack of saffron is the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry.

Not only is it renowned globally as a spice, but Kashmiri saffron has also been used for centuries in cosmetics and medicinal purposes. And let’s not forget its association with traditional Kashmiri cuisine, representing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

But what makes Kashmiri Saffron unique? Its naturally deep red colour, thicker stigmas, strong aroma, and chemical-free processing. This implies that you receive a high-quality product that is tasty in addition to being healthy.

Saffron’s antioxidant properties may help adults with Alzheimer’s disease think more clearly.

Saffron pairs well with savory dishes like paella, risotto, and other rice dishes because it has a mild flavor and aroma when used sparingly.

Saffron is simple to incorporate into your diet because of its mild flavour and aroma. It complements savory dishes well and benefits from soaking in hot water to enhance flavour. To get the benefits of saffron, you can also buy it as a supplement.

Health Benefits

  • A Powerful Antioxidant – Saffron contains an impressive variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants — molecules that protect your cells against free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • May Improve Mood and Treat Depressive Symptoms- Saffron is nicknamed the “sunshine spice.”That’s not just due to its distinct color, but also because it may help brighten your mood.
  • May Reduce PMS Symptoms – Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a term that describes physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms occurring before the start of a menstrual period. Studies show that saffron may help treat PMS symptoms.
  • May improve memory in adults with Alzheimer’s disease: Saffron’s antioxidant properties may improve cognition  in adults with Alzheimer’s disease
  • In small doses, saffron has a subtle taste and aroma and pairs well with savory dishes, such as paella, risottos, and other rice dishes.
  • Saffron has a subtle taste and aroma, which makes it easy to add to your diet. It pairs well with savory dishes and should be soaked in hot water to give a deeper flavor. Alternatively, you can purchase saffron in supplement form to reap its benefits.
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