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Kabeela Living brings you the most delicious Organic Raw Honey. Our honey is  raw and unprocessed and is collected by experienced collectors of Bhil Tribes from the deep forests in and around Aravali Hills. This honey is filtered and delivered straight at your doorstep. We do not put our honey through any heat or pasteurization process. It is therefore, free of any chemicalspesticidesartificial flavour,sugaradditives or colors. Kabeela Living Honey is lab tested and of assured quality. Hence, it is completely natural and organic.

“Kabeela”, named after the experienced honey collectors of Bhil Tribe, is a tribute to their hard work without which we would not have been able to experience the goodness and benefits of organic honey.

Organic Raw Honey is a thick syrup extracted by honey bees from honeycombs of the hive, strained and poured straight into the bottles, linked to several health benefits.

For optimum health, some people think organic raw honey is preferable, while others contend there is no difference between organic & nonorganic. Studies have found that bee pollen has wide health benefits like improving liver function, fighting inflammation & might help to fight heart disease or stroke which was reduced due to ultrafiltration.

Compared to pasteurizing milk or other dairy products, pasteurizing honey is a totally different process. By subjecting the honey to high temperatures during pasteurization, the inherent qualities of the honey may be destroyed or removed. Honey that has been pasteurized will remain liquid for a longer period of time than honey that has not, making it a more desirable commodity for retailers and customers to increase its shelf-life.


As the name itself says, organic raw honey is honey that is driven from beehives and strained directly into a jar. Some commercialized honey has been mixed with artificial sugar to reduce its cost. Kabeela Living’s organic raw honey is all raw, unheated, or unprocessed, providing a wide range of nature’s best sweeteners considered the safest dietary. Organic Raw honey’s nutrition benefits vary from its origin. The organic raw honey potential is significant for both internal & topical.

How many of you know that honey is used for skin treatment and for many face packs as well? Honey has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and hydrogen peroxide content. It has been proven ineffective in many skin burn & acne treatments. Women also get benefited from honey consumption as it helps with mensurational cramps.

Buy Kabeela Living’s Organic Raw Honey Online

Organic raw honey is neither created nor adulterated to keep its nutritional values intact. Buy organic raw honey online at Kabeela Livings. Anti-fungal & anti-inflationary organic raw honey affects many parts of the body including brain health.
Daily consumption of raw honey with lukewarm water in the morning helps in weight loss after exercise or walk & it’s laxative helps to relieve constipation. Kabeela Living’s organic raw honey is packed with vitamins and minerals that help to keep you away from sickness.
Due to the scattered production of natural honey, it is impossible for commercial brands to produce large quantities of honey without adding artificial sweeteners or sugar.

What nutritional values does Kabeela’s Living’s organic raw honey contain?

It’s impossible to write all the benefits a body gains after regular consumption of raw honey.It is a dark golden-colored, delicious, viscous liquid meal that many bee species generate in their honey sacs from floral nectar.

As it has a delightful taste, it also has a natural aroma and color. Take Glimpses of organic raw honey as it helps to boost energy, reduces seasonal allergies, solves sleep problems, and comes with several other countless health benefits. Apart from the above all, it also helps in improving respiratory issues. It helps reduce wrinkles and blemishes.It is also a potent antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals and delays the ageing process of the skin. As a mother make a habit of your toddlers for a better healthy future, but not for infants under eighteen months.

Does Organic raw honey crystallize?

The natural properties of the honey may be lost or removed during pasteurization by exposing it to high temperatures. Honey that has been pasteurized will stay liquid for a longer amount of time than honey that has not, increasing its shelf life and making it a more appealing product for merchants and consumers.
Due to high antioxidant levels, organic raw honey gets crystallized after a few months. It is safe but you can warm it slightly to melt it to its original state. Honey never expires but it does get contaminated after certain circumstances. Always store them in tightly sealed containers & away from extreme temperatures.

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KABEELA LIVING is a way of life that offers you a chance to bring yourself closer to the natural environment. We, at Kabeela Living strive to introduce you to the world of all-natural and organic products for healthy living.