From cashew butter to walnut butter, natural peanut butter has become one in a sea of flavourful nut spread options. Kabeela Living offers a wide range of delicious superfoods that can help every household & every age group to enjoy a balanced & healthy diet.

Kabeela Living’s natural peanut butter is made with roasted peanuts with no added sugar salt or oils. It’s gluten-free & suitable for a vegan diet. Natural peanut butter is rich in iron magnesium, minerals, phosphorous, and potassium & is a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6. Whether you are an atheling, busy work person, or a fitness freak, Kabeela Living natural peanut butter is the perfect choice for you. Indulge yourself in a rich & delicious taste spoon full of peanut butter.

NOTE: There might be some oil in the top of the jar as there is no stabilizer in the product. So don’t forget to stir it before every use. The oil you see is natural peanut oil.


For those who prefer unsweetened nut butter, Kabeela Living’s natural peanut butter is one sure-shot solution, assume they have been stored and crafted correctly. With the best quality Natural peanut butter, we will get natural oil separation after some time on the top of the jar hence it does not contain any artificial stabilizer, preservative, additives, palm oils, sugar, hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, or trans fats. So please don’t drain off natural oil from the top of the jar as it’s very nutritious & beneficial to your health else you’ll be left with dry, hard & difficult to spread natural peanut butter.

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Nut butter offers a variety of health properties. The most important benefit of natural peanut butter is they are versatile & consume them in your way. They are rich sources of fats & proteins and they are good to enjoy for keto diet practice. Peanut allergy is common these days, hence natural peanut butter is not suitable for children or adults suffering from peanut allergy. Parents with eczema are advised to seek a pediatrician’s advice before introducing natural peanut butter to their infants’ diet. As long as you are not allergic or have any digestive issues, you can jump between all kinds of spreads.

Natural peanut butter should be stored in cold or dry places?

It is considered best to refrigerate your natural peanut butter as they do not contain any artificial stabilizers or preservatives. After an extended period of time exposed to warm temperatures natural peanut butter becomes rancid. This is especially applicable for warm weather places or seasons where they may make natural butter spoil quicker. Hence, Kabeela Living advises refrigerating natural peanut butter for maximum freshness and maximum quality of life away from sunlight. Don’t forget to give them a good stir before storing them in refrigerators.