Almost all nuts contain nutritional fats, that type of fats helps in heart disease reduction & better blood sugar control. Almond butter is one of the best natural peanut butter alternatives. Almond butter is made from grounded almonds rich in vitamins, antioxidants & minerals containing some saturated fats & some amount of unsaturated fats. Almond butter is high in calories and can be used in sandwiches, spreads, sweets & savory recipes, and dips for fruits & vegetables. Almond butter is highly recommended to gym goers, joggers, & dieters. It is also helpful in your brain health.

If You are allergic to tree nuts that doesn’t mean you’ll be allergic to almonds. Be certain about your allergy issues before consuming almond butter. If you have a history of kidney stones, then you should avoid consuming almond butter before consulting your doctor. NOTE: There might be some oil in the top of the jar as there is no stabilizer in the product. So don’t forget to stir it before every use. The oil you see is natural almond oil.


Eating a handful of nuts every day can save your life. Nuts contain an abundance of healthy fats fiber, and proteins, which helps satisfy the human body’s hunger and control appetite. Regular nut consumption can boost your resting metabolic rate by 5-7%. Nuts are nutrient-dense food and Nut butter offers many health benefits of whole nuts. Nut butter helps to release trapped fats of whole nuts and is available for the body to absorb easily. For people who want to put on or rather want to maintain, adding more almond nut butter is a good way to their healthNOTE: Studies say the health benefits of eating nuts apply to both roasted and raw!

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Eating nuts may likewise build the development of good microbes in the stomach. This is on the grounds that nuts go about as food (prebiotics) which feed the sound microbes (probiotics) in the stomach. Thusly, this emphatically influences our stomach microbiome – as of now quite possibly the most sweltering subject in nourishment! In the event that you’ve been eating an eating routine low in fiber, it’s ideal to present high-fiber food varieties (like nuts) step by step, so your has the opportunity to change.
Let Kabeela Living introduce to you all-natural almond butter, a product made of nothing but the best quality almonds.

Natural almond butter should be stored in fridge?

It is viewed as best to refrigerate your normal almond margarine as they contain no counterfeit stabilizers or additives. After a lengthy timeframe presented to warm temperatures regular almond spread becomes rank. This is particularly relevant for warm weather conditions places or seasons where they might make normal margarine ruin faster. Thus, Kabeela Living exhorts refrigerating regular almond butter for the greatest newness and most extreme personal satisfaction away from daylight. Remember to give them a decent mix prior to putting away them in coolers. Bring them back to room temperature before eating.

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