Breathe in Lavender to Beat Stress, Anxiety & More: Explore the healing Power of Aromatherapy

Breathe in Lavender to Beat Stress, Anxiety & More: Explore the healing Power of Aromatherapy

Since ancient times, lavender has been used as a wellness aid. Today, people continue to learn more about lavender benefits. Lavender is a beautiful flower, blooms in summer, and doesn’t need much maintenance but grows in well-drained soil and full sun. Lavender is a fragrant flower. The flowers stems, and foliage of lavender have higher concentrations of oils. Despite all its nobility, lavender is much easier to cultivate than you imagine.

In essential oil practices, Lavender oil is a multipurpose oil and is the most popular oil in aromatherapy. Lavender offers possible health advantages ranging from mood enhancement to reduction of colic symptoms:

Lavender can calm the nervous system and has a soothing & calming effect on anxiety, stress, depression, and mood.

Lavender improves the body’s melatonin level and has soothing properties leading to good quality night sleep recognized as the most important for optimal health.

Lavender aromatherapy helps to reduce hot flashes in a woman’s body. Its recommended to smell twice a day for women during the first three days of the mensuration cycle to have less pain.

Lavender oil helps to prevent dandruff as it has antimicrobial properties. It also helps to reduce scalp inflammation and dry scalp. Research suggests lavender not only stimulates new hair growth and increases hair health and thickness through daily massage.

Lavender Lavender
Lavender has antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammation properties. Hence it can be used to cure many skin problems. Lavender oil also aids wounds by improving skin health.

Lavender oil has pain-relieving and numbing effects and helps in soothing wound inflammation. It also helps in healing wound tissues.

It serves as a potential natural treatment for Alzheimer’s patients. Its antioxidant properties contribute to the neuroprotective effect.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils, with numerous benefits ranging from eczema relief to stress reduction and relaxation to battling depression and sleeplessness. With its bounty of benefits, lavender oil is the most essential sought-after oil. Modern aroma therapy uses lavender oil as an antibacterial essential oil. With such a versatile and soothing effect, it is considered a must-have oil, especially if you are going to start with essential oil for better health and cure.

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