Authenticity Wrapped in Purity
Authenticity Wrapped in Purity

Saffron Honey | Pure, Raw, Unprocessed Saffron Honey | 250g

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Kabeela Living’s Herb Infused Honey will captivate you with its enhanced richness and ever so attractive medicinal properties. This Honey is made with naturally infusing herbs in our Organic Honey. With its natural sweetness and amazing taste, this honey provides you with a lot of health benefits. Indulge in our flavored honey and experience the difference in you. EAT HEALTHY !! LOOK HEALTHY !!

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Saffron Honey

Immunity Booster

Kabeela Living brings you the perfect  immunity booster combination. These herbs are rich in medicinal properties. Infusing these with our Organic Raw Honey enhances its goodness. Also, provides a lot of health benefits. The perfect blend of Cinnamon(Dal Chini), Black Pepper(Kali Mirch), Dry Ginger (Sonth), Dry Grapes (Munakka) with Honey brings a promise of Good health.

Herb-infused honey from Kabeela Living will enchant you with its enhanced richness and alluring medicinal qualities. Herbs that naturally infuse into our organic honey are used to make this honey. This honey offers you many health advantages along with its incredible flavour and natural sweetness. Enjoy our flavoured honey and discover the difference it makes in you. EAT HEALTHY !! LOOK HEALTHY

With the help of Kabeela Living’s herb-infused honey, experience the power of nature! This amazing organic honey boosts immunity for you and your loved ones because it contains natural herbs that have a variety of medicinal properties.

Enjoy the sweet and mouthwatering flavor of this flavoured honey and notice the improvement in your general health. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and welcome a healthier, more natural substitute! At Kabeela Living, we think eating well should be exciting and enjoyable. Because of this, we made this delectable Herb Infused Honey, which will enchant you with its enhanced richness and incredible flavour.

Since Kabeela Living’s Herb Infused Honey is available, why choose plain, boring honey? Try it out for yourself to see how it can improve your overall well-being as well as your taste buds. EATS WELL!! APPEAR HEALTHY!


Most importantly, this infused honey is a complete remedy. And it helps you with all your health issues. It helps with cough and cold. Also, helps fight various stomach related ailments. The amazing properties of this honey helps regulate blood pressure. Moreover, it also  helps in weight loss. It is rich in anti oxidants. To add, it has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. This honey helps regulate the cholesterol levels. It also helps in great extent in preventing heart diseases. Hence, boosts your overall immunity. To add, it has amazing healing properties. To conclude, This magic potion would help you with all your health problems and heal you.

Recommendation: Daily consumption in very small dozes will better the results.

Key Ingredients-Saffron, Honey

No Preservatives | No Added Sugars | No Added Flavours | No Added Colors

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