Authenticity Wrapped in Purity
Authenticity Wrapped in Purity

Honey Munakka Avaleh – Tridoshmukta – 500 gms


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Tridoshmukta – Honey Munakka Avaleh

Balances Vata Pitta Kapha

This unique blend of natural herbs with Honey transports you into the world of health and fitness.

Ayurveda translates to “the science of life”, the oldest forms of holistic medicine combining physical, psychological, and spiritual health. According to Ayurveda, everything in existence is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether/Space. These five elements are expressed as three Dosha types in the human body. Vata corresponds to Ether and Air, Pitta corresponds to Fire and Water, and Kapha corresponds to Earth and Water. Each person has a unique combination of Doshas from birth. This is referred to as your body constitution.

Our powerful concoction helps you in balancing Vata, Pitta, Kapha dosha in your body. Thus, helps mantain good health.


  • Formation of RBCs
  • Prevents Iron deficiency and treats Anemia.
  • Controls bad breath.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Useful during pregnancy.
  • Helps in Managing constipation
  • Helps treat Hypertension
  • Controls acidity.
  • Anti ageing formula.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Provides Cardiovascular protection.
  • Useful in migraine, jaundice.


  • Honey
  • Tulsi
  • Cinnamon
  • Black pepper
  • Dry Ginger
  • Munakka
  • Kana (Pippali),
  • Yashtimadhu
  • Twak Ksheeri
  • Dhatri rasa(Amla juice extract)
  • Tejpatra
  • Javitri
  • Jayfal
  • kesar
  • Elaichi

Recommended Dosage- one spoon in the morning and evening. 

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