Authenticity Wrapped in Purity
Authenticity Wrapped in Purity

Cinnamon Lemon Honey – CinnaHon – 200 gms


Falgun’s Homemade Health Supplements

Made by carefully infusing all the natural herbs with Raw Honey, our team of experts have designed these Healthy concoctions to balance all functions of the body. Thus, helping you with all your health problems like cold , hypertension, cardiovascular functions, migraine, Anemia, blood pressure, depression, etc.

NO SUGAR & NO PRESERVATIVES have been used in making these products. We make these in small batches with careful measures and precautions. Get addicted to the Goodness of honey enhanced with our exclusive range of health supplements. ITS TIME TO BEE HEALTHY!

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CinnaHon – Cinnamon Lemon Honey

Weight loss Concoction 

Get ready for a sweet bitter tasting cinnamon surprise with honey and lemon in this amazing recipe. If you are trying to lose weight and especially tummy fat, start adding cinnamon in your everyday foods. Cinnamon helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar levels and speeding up metabolism. Cinnamon is used by those with diabetes to regulate blood sugar levels. Home made with love, this amazing potion can be directly added to your tea.

This magical blend helps in:

  • Losing weight by suppressing appetite.
  • Regulating blood sugar levels and speeding up metabolism.
  • It also protects you against many health conditions and infections.
  • It is blood sugar-balancing, heart healthy.
  • Soothes menstrual cramps.

Recommendation: Daily consumption with tea adds to your taste and also help shed excess weight.

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