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Organic Food – Kabeela Living

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Organic food refers to food products that are grown or produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), irradiation, or other synthetic additives. Instead, organic food is grown using natural methods. Kabeela Living’s Organic food includes Dried Morel Mushrooms and Kashmiri Mongra Saffron. Organic food is typically more expensive than conventionally produced food due to the higher costs associated with organic farming practices and the smaller scale of production.

Organic food is for immunity booster & alleviates anxiety as well. Whether you choose to go organic or conventionally, choose wisely. Here Kabeela Living introduces our range of Dried Morel Mushrooms/Guchi mushrooms with tail, Kashmiri Guchhi Saffron, Kashmiri Mongra Saffron, Natural Flax Seeds (Alsi) Raw Unroasted in its organic list of sharing. Indian Kashmiri Mongra Saffron are the exotic flavours added to any of your beverages or dishes while Dried Morel Mushrooms saves your time and effort once they’ve been rehydrated and rinsed & ready to go into your favourite dishes. It’s time to add organic food to your diet chart & lead a healthy life.


Why buy organic food?

Organic food reduces your exposure to heavy metals & pesticides, & have more micro nutrients such as iron, zinc. People consuming organic food also tends to have lower inflammation than others. Studies reflect people tends to organic food leading healthier life than others. people who feels the standard of conventional food are’nt good enough should switch to organic foods.

What is organic food?

Organic foods are those that are not grown with artificial synthetic pesticides or growth enhancers on the other hand non organic/conventional foods don’t restrict the use of pesticides while production. Therefore in organic farming farmers rely more on labor-intensive methods for weeding control and other processes. The nutritional values also significantly should meet their standards. Organic farming has to satisfy a few standards before getting organically labeled.

  • Pesticides & fertilizers are prohibited in farming.
  • Farmers should not cause any harm to land, water, plants & ecosystem while farming.
  • Chemical-free organic farming.

Why organic cost more?

The cost of organic food is higher than conventional food because of multiple reasons. Such as:

  • Intensive management for chemical
  • Substituting labour
  • Mitigate pollution
  • Environmental enhancement & protection
  • Post harvesting handlings
  • Organic cash crops
  • Higher standard for animal welfare
  • Avoidance of farmers health risk to p
  • Rural development by additional farm employment
  • Inefficient marketing & distribution chain
  • Certification cost
  • Specialized farmland
  • Small scale production
  • Special equipments & processing
  • Above all, DEMAND rising faster than SUPPLY

These prices closely reflect the price to grow the best organic food. With increasing demand of organic food, technology innovation & Economy scale should reduce the cost of organic food processing, marketing distribution, production, & transportation

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